Video: “Tucker White,” by Heather Cassano

Special Thank You! to the White Family and Doug DeHaan (Tucker’s Caregiver)for sharing their story, and Heather Cassano for her time, creativity and sensitivity in the making of ‘Tucker White.” It’s a powerful story and one we are honored to share!

The Maggie’s Light Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non- profit organization that supports families caring for young and adult children with developmental disabilities & special needs. Our mission is to help families create lives filled with hope and opportunity. We provide family support, and engage the community through education, training and partnerships to increase disability awareness and accessibility in the greater community.

What We Do

Provide funding for respite, camps & recreational activities. Learn more about Funding.
Provide funding for respite, camps & recreational activities. Coming soon.
Assist families in navigating local & statewide resources.Find out more.
Provide pre-professional “Family Perspective” training and assist families to find caregivers.Learn more about the program.
Families post ads. Students post profiles. Families & Students connect.View and create profiles.


Change the community through partnerships.


CW Presentation @ UMD – School Of Nursing

Wilmot Modular Structures / EasyGo Win 1st Place – “2013 Awards of Distinction”

Congratulations Wilmot Modular Structures  & the EasyGo!

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) has awarded Wilmot Modular Structures 1st place in the “2013 Awards of Distinction” for the EasyGo™.   The internationally recognized award was presented […]